4.1. – 20.12.24 : THE TORQUE OF THINGS

in medium flow

(July 19, 2024)

Week 29/2024:

The day passes in a funk. “A gooey blanket of consumer desire and its online fulfilment” (Voegelin, Unperforming the Dream House, 2023, p. 23) Egon Müller & Marianne Fischer Perform the Compositions of Egon Müller & Marianne Fischer. “Smarter, baby, smarter!” Evangelical protestants are handing out blocks of cocaine with the flag of Israel on it. Läderach & Laederach, “Sugar, sugar!”. Are key changes making a comeback? “A profusion of forms performing their capacities in a situation.” (Berlant & Stewart, The Hundreds, 2019, p. 109) They wrote: “These are images you should not masturbate to.” Mobile phones, stage technology and gold. “Smarter, baby, smarter!” So far, I had spent 19,725 days in the Orion Arm. “Hababa Gooby!” Prepare to be amazed. Hope and despair are pointless categories in terms of existence. “When in doubt, frolic.” We are now waiting for the first draft version of this chapter. The exit is soundless.

Week 28/2024:

For twelve consecutive months, the Earth’s temperature has reached or exceeded 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Atlantis is just outside of town. Their identity is fire: „It isn‘t all peach flambé in the navel chakra.“ (Nikhil Singh, Club Ded, 2020, p.101) A subtle yet powerful shift, inter-relating seemingly discontinuous events. Just marveling at this string of words. Nostalgia is a very dark feeling. “It’s the microplastics talking!” Their personas are created by pyrolysis. Again and again they fall into rooms, a pomegrante lined passage. Otiocracy or: a defeated decline and a bold proposal. Days of a slowed brain. “It’s just method shit to me.” Emphasis on hip and butt movements with each step. Never will a neutron star’s temperature go above 1.2 trillion kelvin.

Week 27/2024:

Squinting in the glare, a quiet show of defiance. Time flies like a hedgehog. They ususally refuse to answer. “Is it the schlageresque non-abrasiveness, the anti-provocation, and the intentionally flawless hypersmoothness on so many levels? That rarely goes down well with passionately contrarian critics who excel and build their identities on finding the most original takes on any musical phenomenon.” A sounding of waters, followed by plausible escape. Intestinal bacteria predict the match result. Fantastic electricity. “No, I’m just making it. No, I’m just making it. Okay. No, I’m just making it.” Husserl goes Berserk. A salami is being called back. You will receive a body. “Just invent problems so you can fix them.” Dub Techno throbs relieving and cooling. “Should we be happy not to experience too much of the impending future?” There is no better than here. “Vote for fascism, you get fascists.” – “No, I’m in the control group.” Yesterday morning my toothbrush was still in Warsaw, shortly afterwards in Pabianice and since yesterday evening it has been in Parzniew.

Week 26/2024:

People did stuff. “Pick from this wide range of fascists in your region!” A pulley on the neighboring house sang a syncopated melody. 1,000 elephants a day. „i am principally interested in sound because i am interested in love“ (ameia camielle smith) AGFA Ferrum, BASF Ferro Super LH, TDK MA-XG Metal. The prospect of reduction. We’ve been eradicating the rhythm of language. “More than one song per second.” (Rick Beato) A garland of frangipani flowers. Born to frolic since we left the spa. You will forget all of this. “It is time to accept that it was not our parents or grandparents who lived under fascism – it is us and our children.” Whitelabel Error Page. They drift into idols. “As soon as I hear the word elite, I reach for my revolver.” A wall decoration of squatting scribes was found in the tomb of the court official.

Week 25/2024:

A muted screen spits out an aerial view of Seoul. A series of deep screams. “Technically, I only consume clowns.” Earth’s inner core slows and changes direction. Home of their souls. Interactive sound installations present themselves to me, wherever I go. „There is an abstract situation that goes into the concrete.” Most of the area is derelict. Walking past the sinks in the men’s room at a distance, I accidentally turned on all three faucets. “It’s pataphysical!” I had watched an eggplant rot. Awareness streams on chicken wings. „Why this obsession with public figures who seem to have just died?“ The water streamed in three voices. Music, spoken word, and nature sounds, a tree cricket trill. “Data confirmed perceptive hypothesis.” In the company of insects, stress and prosodic organisation. Grasshopper buzz. “Money is fake, societal structures are no natural order, and the sun is going to explode.” Meanwhile, certain encounters and discoveries, conversations and listening experiences. There is no file upload pending. I’m rinsing blood from my face. “It’s a brat summer!” The future has become the present. Erratically haphazard serendipity.

Week 24/2024:

“Darling, they’re playing our song.” Life persists throughout moments. “Bumpin’ that! Bumpin’ that! Bumpin’ that!” 165 coconuts, 72 lemons, 31,199 cups of espresso doppio. “Norms are spongy” (Berlant & Stewart p. 114) Self-portrait as a Bösendorfer. “This essay raises interesting questions.” All life needs water. “Oh, is this your move? Is this how you do it?” The foregrounding music obscures what I am contemplating. “How does this artwork position itself in relation to issues of national interest? How does this artwork inscribe itself into my idiosyncratic sensibilities?” A kitchen is practiced universality. “Stonier. Much stonier!” These are the good days.

Week 23/2024:

There are close to 760 billion different musical pieces. Dissonant chorality, diegetic exuberance, paranoid imagination. „Andromeda Marmelade?“- „It‘s everchanging!“ Laurie Anderson, Steve Martin, Frank Zappa, Martin Mull, Elvis Costello, Thelonius Monk, Clara Schumann, Miles Davis, George Carlin and several other people have been credited with concocting this extraordinarily popular and enigmatic simile. Gating the guitar to the hi-hat. Intersemioticity, ethical commitment, hybrid realism. “Bedroom design – for one billion children.” Doomscrolling as a musical performance. “Galvanized square steel and eco-friendly wood veneers.” Delay, bitcrush, rumklang og high-cut. Not to be used for any other purposes than: living (the groundwater is pressing from below). VERY SNACKABLE WAR PROPAGANDA. „Let’s brew tea, talk, and get to know each other!“

Week 22/2024:

Nostalgia is self-delusion & a complete lie: The barbershopfication of the world. THE VIRGIL SUICIDES: “Pleasure on my mind.” This position has become increasingly important in recent years. “What influences have you been under?” (Berlant & Stewart, p. 58) Post-inebriated dizzyness. “Everyone should just leave everyone alone. How hard can it be!?” A discreet being, warm & rolling. “The older I get, the more all forms of religion seem to me, pretty much without exception, to be violent means of exerting power and control over as many people as possible – preferably in a sadistic and exploitative way.” SHELLAC DAYS.

Week 21/2024:

Dear microorganisms: “I learned to write in thirty-minute episodes on my frail mother‘s dining room table with a three-year-old playing with old plastic toys underfoot.“ (Berlant & Stewart, The Hundreds, p. 10) Relevance Overdose Syndrome: One daguerrotype of his philistine grandparents. “Yoghurt in the Guacamole?” The climate catastrophe is a series of mobile phone videos that gets closer and closer – until you’re the one holding the phone. “So you gladly shared a war propaganda video? And yet – why should I?” There are some things we wanted to adjust. Humanitarian, ecological or otherwise. “Your saliva goes into the flute, and it builds these coatings.” (André 3000) They’re signalling a kind recognition. The dialectical relationship between mucus and tension. Let for evigt.

Week 20/2024:

It‘s an interesting collage of things. Positionings and subjectivizations. „The opinionated personalities include: the historian, the linguist, the filmmaker, the journalist and author, the publicist, and the activist.“ Potentiality resonates in this scene. Shellac blasting loudly on loop. “He was your countryman and had something in common with you.” Circe took it to ethnographic writing. A.I. Ennui? Short answer: “Yes” with an “if”. Long answer: “no” with a “but”. The body returns to its ordinary buzz. GOD DROP.

Week 19/2024:

The place is strangely gracious and homey. A charge passes through the body. “Drake and Kendrick, just kiss already!” A light contact zone, a sensory dream of seamless encounter. Epistemologies of Leisure: Consider the possibilities and limitations of the method. “The very notion of intellectual property is insane.” (Steve Albini) This is social homeostasis. Lossless. “Please coordinate yourselves – thanks (it didn’t work, but it almost did)!” Embodied sensibility of an excitable person adrift. “I will be speaking about the text that I am developing these days right here, still in the state of fragments and collecting material.” Back home, showering with a Steve Albini playlist blaring & then indulging in this lovely, quirky, little documentary. “Let us chat if more questions or doubts arise?” Dancing with bodily organs.

Week 18/2024:

The Taylor Swift playlist is playing at the pediatric dentist’s orthodontist. A.I. means ad interim or artificial insemination. Seven huge sharks and six large turtles. “It is crucial not to confuse the civilian population of a state with its mob regime.” Listening to the vinyl record of a future PhD researcher: Emerging into possibility. Donghua Jinlong makes the best industrial grade glycine. “An escalating exchange is sparked by a visceral encounter.” The Bulgogi apparatus. The skin on my body had been thoroughly soaked in almond oil. The feathered dinosaurs chatter away. “Through fantasies of annihilation, the performer experienced a deep sense of pleasure.” A possible call I was asked to distribute that could be of interest for some of you. Admiration as a craft: care work, body work, skills of desire. Finalement, c’est un coup de dé. Strolling and indulging in encounters of various kinds.

Week 17/2024:

Shallow Listening, Shallow Time. “Encore une fois, une querelle des anciens et des modernes – encore et encore…” I was deluged with tapes. Shallow Ecology, Shallow Structure. „If you wave any flag in time of war, you are waving the flag of bullshit propaganda.“ I am very happy to have joined the team of nurturing this dialogue at the intersection of developing and showcasing together with our partners (composed in GarageBand on an iPhone). “Ignorance breeds bold claims.” Shallow Learning. I continued to groove.

Week 16/2024:

Then a year passed. Two years. Commendable, innovative, meticulous, intricate, notable, versatile. Noble gases like you and me, always bastardo: a complex mixture of pain and joy. Consumer sentiment is up, a snackable distortion. We never had a contract. Just a handshake. It was pataphysical. It didn’t matter. Religion is crowd control. Come eat with us. At one point they turned to me and said: we‘ll do this as long as we feel good.

Week 15/2024:

Embarking on a new chapter of their healing journey: to transform their lives in radical ways. „Suit yourself, darling.“ I remembered the last solar eclipse I had witnessed in Berlin on August 11, 1999. “Cake for Comrades!” One had to make a choice between moving up fast and burning out in five years? – Or taking one’s time and building it slowly so you have a chance to make it for the long haul? Nada es lo que parece. “Feeling very Pestalozzi.” What do you want to be when you grow down? “Time isn’t holding up, time isn’t after us.” I understand we don’t know each other yet. But there is a serious proposal I want to discuss with you. “The argument as narrative.” (Subhashree Bhattacharyya) Self-portrait as a scandalous brioche. “We kindly ask you to share the following announcement through your channels.” YES THIS IS A REAL EVENT. They argued about concepts and who is right or wrong. Their tone was one of existential finality. “You don’t say nothing.”

Week 14/2024:

“It’s a bullshit tech hype, paired with theft and environmental waste.” Bonification, ossification, silification. The new, strategically cleverly placed media product of the famous and wealthy artist, advertised worldwide with a lot of capital, found a sufficient number of buyers who were eager to buy it and repeatedly and eloquently expressed their desire to do so. They wrote: “It seems that anything other than uninformed, biased, angry, hateful crap is really hard to formulate about this ongoing societal, intergenerational and planetary conflict, isn’t it? In the end it’s class war.” A song based on the writings of Didier Eribon in the style of Sesame Street songs. They continued: “Frankly, I find it impossible to understand why selected examples of hateful sadism, sexualized violence, even the execution of human beings, and the desire to exterminate an entire people are justified in one case and condemned in the other.” In this position, we greeted our interviewer. If you get my drift? “Everybody is illegal.” We then wondered about the conspicuously laconic use of the term “pre-war period” by some of those who call themselves ‘leaders” (an antisocial term that completely ignores the realities of conviviality). “It is imperative that you move to a much, much more comfortable zone as soon as possible!.” So please indulge in your various idiosyncrasies. Mezcal Meditations.

Week 13/2024:

Last night I cycled to the opera wearing a blue suit and a dark green, asymmetrical turtleneck sweater. A complex system of variables relating to the production of sound. It was so sunny and so hot that I wore sunglasses and applied sunscreen. One swan, two ducks. A normal day on planet earth. It’s what they are doing down there, right? The Reformation was nothing more than scrambled eggs with cheese in some proportion to the child remained, this has all but ceased in our time. The blackbird yodels, sparkles and charms. Less programmatically pompous proclamations and more laconic, committed practice. LIQUID BODY PERCUSSION. Now the seagulls are squawking. This integration enables intelligent, real-time support for users to improve their creativity, productivity and skills. Once again, this exhibition space, which I’d never visited before, proved to be a very pleasant place, freeing and nurturing. A tiny glint of something new began to emerge in my life. A few nights later I grilled a bison shank and drank a carafe full of sauerkraut juice. This was once revealed to me in a dream. All of anything ain’t gonna work.

Week 12/2024:

The more it polarizes a debate in the general public, the less interest it can arouse in me. “You know the moon never shines without the sun.” About whom not much is publicly known. THE AESTHETICS OF MIDI. “Are Champagne Problems leading to Cocaine Decisions?” The point is that the various possible truths were conjoined from the very beginning. “Field recordings, synthesised bleeps, processed vocals, mechanised singing bowls, self-playing gongs, bird whistles, wind-up bugs, and bespoke vinyl.” Green color behind a bare tree. A campy miscommunication. “Take your time, give them time, stay open, sharpen your senses.” It’s a job that embraces contradictions. “We are constructions of personal substance, our own absolutely and highly personal body of laws.” The song takes on a drumbeat “I feel air from other planets.” Dequantised percussion and pitch. Because whatever it is, it doesn’t stop. “I’m a million years old.” I was killing some darlings again. “The affective bloom-space of an ever-processual materiality.”

Week 11/2024:

After teaching the four-hour seminar, the soles of my feet and calves vibrate. It never ceases to amaze. “At the mercy of an alien force.” Retrospective and anticipatory. My interest in this media product also declined sharply – with every insistent, urgent decree to see this movie that came my way (autotheory, autofiction). EXPONENTIAL LIPS. Even more so as scathing reviews were published, increasingly angry and apparently equally exhausted by the constant agitation in the run-up to the Academy Awards. “Swirling whirlpools of ambient noise.” People sent me entire, expansive descriptions via messenger services (fictocriticism, critical fabulation). The Vagina is the Third Ear (theory fiction, sonic fiction). “My compliments for the swift and expert workshop organization!” Finally, we’re going to read a lot less movie star bullshit again. I almost threw up in my mouth every time. “A high level of non-reporting.” Any belief in a meritocracy is evidence of a significant lack of understanding. “Ad-libbed into existence.” In praise of the indiscernible.

Week 10/2024:

Je me compose de plus en plus d’espresso, d’armagnac et de Chilli. Against all logic. Wrapped in a biomembrane, we entered the tropopause. NO FATE. The word gets out. The physical effects of being clean: an eminently hyperphysical organ of cognition. Settantasette milioni di dipinti. REPLACING ALL QUANTA WITH QUINTS. I just made some edits, structured it, and shortened it a bit. Adrenalin receding. No allergies, no phobias. Imaginez qu’il s’agit d’un espace de haute dimension où toutes les possibilités sont envisageables. GUESS WHAT? These are just some things I know for certain. “The clouds don’t make mistakes.” Animalische Pingeligkeit oder barbarischer Monumentalismus? Fanget i vores egen net.

Week 9/2024:

“Everything with a spa is good!” UDEN TVIVL. The bass was huge and elastic. “Everyone is damaged.” Music for giraffes on the octobass. “We’ve all collectively given up hope for the future, and we’re living in spite of ourselves until the abyss takes us, aren’t we?” The weightlessness of nothing is soothing. There is just one steady state that is evolving, almost frictionless, very hard to notice, into another steady state. “Be patient.” Walking into a field of ecstasy. “Or do you already have other plans for that day, September 4th, 2640?” Every Kali is a good one (both of these options are always meant).

Week 8/2024:

It smells of psilocybin. ICI EN FRANCE. “May you have a reincarnation upon your wish.” Language is my love language. “Now, I wonder about my world view…” (I tried very hard to avoid having to endure just a single artist talk after any of the two dozens film screenings I attended). FORBRÆNDNING OG PROFESSIONALISME. “Surely you see this much more clearly than I ever would?” Two female joggers in breathable black were each holding an aluminum-coated shawarma in one hand and, gorging themselves so ravenously, gazed at the film star photography spectacle that was taking place in front of them under the canopy and on the red carpet in front of the Zoo Palast. 233 DEGREE CELSIUS. No interpretation needed. No catharsis required. So prolific! “As hot as 500 trillion suns.” I wish you a very good projection.

Week 7/2024:

37 trillion square light years. “Logic was this little stuffed animal I carried with me everywhere.” (George Clinton, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? A Memoir, 2014, p. 207) Jesus wearing an Adidas tracksuit is sitting in front of a plate of cevapcici. ANTI-DÉCLINISME. There is also a bottle of rakia on the table (vibrating bones and muscles). “I can’t take it seriously unless it’s at least a little silly.” Le charme persistant: qu’est-ce qui est inépuisable?

Week 6/2024:

Seven menu courses, seven erratic boulders. “What exactly is your problem with consciousness?” Nel complesso, molto piacevole. “Ownership struck me as vaguely silly.” (George Clinton, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? A Memoir, 2014, p. 173) A Valhal of soulfully connected moments “through a science of sensitive knowing” (Alexander Gottlieb Baumgarten, Theoretische Ästhetik, § 1, p. 3) ILLUSEUM CALIGULA. “Funkathon: a rambling, open conversation about the ideas circulating that would eventually produce an album.” (George Clinton, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? A Memoir, 2014, p. 178)

Week 5/2024:

Intrinsic pleasure is an often neglected – but nevertheless essential epistemological force within historical as well as contemporary methods of research. “Stretching out, kind of hanging loose, in a rubber band.” (Bootsy’s Rubber Band 1974, track 1) But to me it was just another mythology to draw on. Organs & hands. “And who are those dudes in the back seat of Calvin’s car?” Shit was always evolving (highly recommended). MARTIN BUBER ARENA. All authority is shamanic in nature. “Read the room!” PØLSEHORN (Noise Metal). Breathing & lying. “It never ceases to amaze.”

Week 4/2024:

A mouthful of Kimchi, feeding its bass through it. “It is so new that your imagination cannot deal with it.” (Michael Armitage). My epidermis is sensing microcontractions as well as interstitial zones of hightened corporeal sensibilities. “Whose doesn’t?” Giornata nazionale dell’abbraccio. „I Echoplexed everything back on itself four or five times.“ (George Clinton, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? A Memoir, 2014, p. 103f.) DEFAULT MODE NETWORK. They were popular at the time. “Put a wiggle in your stride!” Cognitive embodiment through responsive plasticity: intensified percepts, mutating postulates of reality. “Out on the horizon / Colors hypnotize and fade” (Jonny Kosmo, Figure it Out, track 12 on: Jonny Kosmo, Pastry, Dinosaur City Records 2021)

Week 3/2024:

Ihre Fälschungen unterscheiden sich in nichts vom Original. PROXY TERRORISM. They always brought along every class of freak. “Is productivity a good way to evaluate anything?” (Joanna Walsh, Girl Online, 2020, p. 58) The spectre of dissonant post-hardcore once again emerges. “The Psychology Behind Why You”. A state of stagnation is manifested as hectic activity. Man kan ikke sige mere om det nu. And then there was a sea change. “My vision of the future sharpened.” (George Clinton, Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain’t That Funkin’ Kinda Hard On You? A Memoir, 2014, p. 82) We were on the road pretty much all the time. “Dopo tutto, la vita è ricca e piena di molteplici eventi!” We were tripping like this. Good beyond good.

Week 2/2024:

Sådan fungerer Modern Living. “Very juicy!” Mambo was our universal language. “Not the sound, but the listening is the piece” (Ablinger) It doesn’t sound like much, but it took off like a rocket. Larmens Kirke-Øde. “Very bouncy, I would dance to that!” Mine fodsåler er meget varme og kribler beroligende. ACHIEVEMENT OF THE MAJORITY: Avant, c’était plus difficile – maintenant, c’est plus facile. SOUL FIRE SOUL FIRE. Mandalas of Interpenetration.

Twenty-four Movies

(Berlin International Film Festival, February 16-25, 2024)

I had the opportunity to attend twenty-four screenings at this year’s Berlin International Film Festival.

I did not write actual reviews this year.

After each screening I did however jot down at least one sentence to capture the film’s effect on me.

I left detours while speaking of monsters by Deniz Simsek, smiling happily and feeling reassured.

I left Grandmamauntsistercat by Zuza Banasinska, feeling refreshed and as if I had spent a whole day with it.

I left I Don’t Want to Be Just a Memory by Sarnt Utamachote with a deep feeling of love – and a crushing sense of doubt.

I left A Different Man having been sufficiently amused and only momentarily bored by it.

I left Reproduktion by Kathrin Peschke with a deeper understanding of women’s and mothers’ intergenerational struggles with the patriarchy.

I left Myanmar Anatomy by Prapat Jiwarangsan with a much greater awareness of the multi-directional struggles for emancipation taking place on this tiny planet.

I left On the Battlefield, unsurprisingly, deeply satisfied by the political power of recordings.

I left Mit einem Tiger schlafen by Anja Salomonowitz with a greater appreciation for the humor, existence, and visual extravagance of Maria Lassnig.

I left The Wrong Movie by Keren Cytter with an impression of vacuous liars and their clueless, boisterous pathetic ramblings.

I left Hako Otoko by Gakuryu Ishii in a good mood, deeply satisfied & with a wide grin on my face after the end.

I left Henry Fonda for President by Alexander Horwath with a return to my general factualist conviction about the futility and desolation, the meaninglessness and hopelessness of all existence, all actions and endeavors. It made me smile, very slightly. It felt comforting, like coming home, somehow.

I left Il Cassetto Segreto by Costanza Quatriglio feeling so well entertained, informed and enriched that I asked myself: is this the best movie I will see in the next few days?

I left Dying / Sterben by Matthias Glasner realizing that I didn’t believe any of the actors’ words or actions & that I’m not made to appreciate how these German melodramas milk a series of existential crises at the same time and still end up with a largely hollow, boring movie (second half was at least lowkey funny & showed at least some minimal sense of desire and interesting inner contradictions; when this movie won the so-called “Golden Lola” at the German Film Award two months later, I was not surprised…).

I left Gokogu no Neko by Kazuhiro Soda with a deep appreciation for calm and open and detailed observation as an entirely sufficient path to creation. No interpretation needed. No catharsis required.

I left Scorched Earth / Verbrannte Erde by Thomas Arslan with the, well, unsurprising realization that even a very well done, cleverly crafted crime story ultimately bores me.

I left Deine Brüder by Helene Hegemann with the even less surprising realization that also a very well done, cleverly crafted crime story ultimately bores me.

I left Republic by Jin Jiang with a sense of plasticity and a smile, a certain serendipitous joy that attracts and encourages chance encounters.

I left Shambhala by Min Bahadur Bham with a much better understanding of constellations and landscapes, color sequences and dialogue, and the role of a limited use of song and instrumental music in filmmaking. Will I appreciate the films of John Ford more now?

I left Sayyareye dozdide shodeye man by Farahnaz Sharifi with a similar feeling of desolation, meaninglessness and hopelessness as I had felt four days ago immediately after attending the screening of Henry Fonda for President.

I left Yo vi tres luces negras by Santiago Lozano Álvarez with a calm, relaxed appreciation of the reality of death.

I left Memorias de un cuerpo que arde by Antonella Sudasassi Furniss with more insight and sadness and anger about all the continual and ongoing crimes and the destruction of bodies, sensibilities and desires that is actually at the thanaticist and sadistic core of patriarchy.

I left Averroès & Rosa Parks by Nicolas Philibert with a sense of respect, but also with a clear fear of all those worlds in which so many, if not all, people on this planet are imprisoned, more or less – depending on how direct one can be in conversation and exchange with a handful or even more other people?

I left The Human Hibernation by Anna Cornudella Castro with a deeper appreciation for an aesthetics and an ontology that assumes: there is just one steady state that is evolving, almost frictionless, very hard to notice, into another steady state. I feel at home and seen in this ontology and aesthetics.

I left Redaktsiya by Roman Bondarchuk with a sense of respect for its sardonic yet playful view of the world and his homeland – in times of a brutal war of annihilation.

In The Year of 2023

(as always: in alphabetical order;
January 4, 2024)

Words Of The Year

Hilton Als
My Pinup / White Girls / The Women

Miles Davis & Quentin Thorpe
Autobiography / Prince
The Beautiful Ones / Sly Stone
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)

Juliet Jacques
Trans: A Memoir

Deborah Levy
Things I Don‘t Want to Know / The Cost of Living / Real Estate

Elliot Page

Sounds Of The Year

Band of Clouds
This is Tomorrow

Thomas Bangalter

Brian Eno
Top Boy

PJ Harvey
I Inside the Old Year Dying

Johnny Kosmo

Performances Of The Year

100 gecs
Mission Ballroom Denver, April 13, 2023

Mark Rebillet
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, California, April 16, 2023

100 gecs
Boiler Room Los Angeles, March 25, 2023

Mouse on Mars
Silent Green Berlin, September 17, 2023

Alex Tillegreen
Nome Gallery Berlin, September 16, 2023

Thoughts Of The Year

Samantha Harvey
The Shapeless Unease

Christina Sharpe
In the Wake

Stefan Tanaka
History without Chronology

Salomé Voegelin
Uncurating Sound

McKenzie Wark

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