4.1. – 20.12.25: ???

In The Year of 2024

(as always: in alphabetical order;
January 4, 2025)

Words Of The Year

Quincy Jones
Autobiography / Nile Rodgers
Le Freak / …

Kathleen Stewart
Ordinary Affects / The Hundreds (with Lauren Berlant) /

??? … ??? Hilton Als
My Pinup / White Girls / The Women

Miles Davis & Quentin Thorpe
Autobiography / Prince
The Beautiful Ones / Sly Stone
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)

Juliet Jacques
Trans: A Memoir

Deborah Levy
Things I Don‘t Want to Know / The Cost of Living / Real Estate

Elliot Page

Sounds Of The Year


Tomasz Bednarczyk
Catbient / Suso Saiz
Nothing is Objective / H. Takahashi
Body Trip

Charli xcx

Elbejée a.k.a. Kathy Hinde & Gail Priest
Homeopathic Waft of Signal

KMRU & Kevin Richard Martin: Disconnect


??? … ??? Gastr Del Sol
We Have Dozens of Titles

Ghostly International Label
Thousands of Eyes in the Dark

Band of Clouds
This is Tomorrow

Thomas Bangalter

Brian Eno
Top Boy

PJ Harvey
I Inside the Old Year Dying

Johnny Kosmo

Performances Of The Year

100 gecs
Mission Ballroom Denver, April 13, 2023

Mark Rebillet
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Indio, California, April 16, 2023

100 gecs
Boiler Room Los Angeles, March 25, 2023

Mouse on Mars
Silent Green Berlin, September 17, 2023

Alex Tillegreen
Nome Gallery Berlin, September 16, 2023

Thoughts Of The Year

Jules Gill-Peterson
A Short History of Trans Misogyny

Kathleen Stewart
Ordinary Affects

??? … ??? Samantha Harvey
The Shapeless Unease

Christina Sharpe
In the Wake

Stefan Tanaka
History without Chronology

Salomé Voegelin
Uncurating Sound

McKenzie Wark

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